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Foncalieu, commited to respecting nature and environment !

The Salon Millésime Bio is an opportunity to present the commitment of Les Vignobles Foncalieu for nature and environment. An approach at the heart of our company!

Starting in 2000, we launched an ambitious strategy aimed at moving upmarket by introducing quality tiers and practical environmental schemes in the vineyard.

Some of them were a decade ahead of consumer demand for environmentally friendly wines.

In 2009, we began thinking about the grape varieties best suited to climate change and brought to the table an array of varieties chosen for their freshness and aromatic potential – these include Piquepoul noir, Albariño and Sauvignon gris.

In 2012, the Puichéric and Vignerons du Pays d’Ensérune wineries, both Foncalieu wineries, began to combat the European grapevine moth using mating disruption. The technique brought an end to spraying in 1,100 hectares, representing 25% of vineyards with mating disruption. Instead of using chemical insecticides, it is based on saturating vineyards with synthetic pheromones, preventing male moths from locating females and therefore mating.

Foncalieu is also involved in the HVE approach (Haute Valeur Environnementale = High Environmental Value), an official recognition of the environmental performance of winemakers and farmers. In 2008, the Grenelle de l’Environnement launched a thinking for companies’ certification covering all the agricultural activities of the exploitation. This certification confirms that these farms promote biodiversity by engaging in practices that preserve and use the natural areas present within the plots and around the farm.

This public system is framed by precise specifications whose requirements are checked on the plot by independent bodies approved by the state (certifying bodies). 1000 companies were certified HVE in France according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in 2018. Among them, the vineyard of 2 Foncalieu winemakers. An approach Foncalieu wants to extend to the rest of the vineyard.

With a commitment to sustainability and the challenges raised by climate change, wine growers are also encouraged and supported by the company for research and development projects: 31 ha are certified organic (AB) and 158 ha are being converted in 2020.

Since 2018, Sudvinbio, (the interprofession for south of France organic wines), created the CAB logo carried by the entire regional organic sector, producers and marketer. The objective is to identify Occitanian wines in organic conversion. The conversion process planned by the Organic regulation is based on 3 years of organic farming practices to certify organic grapes and wine from the 4th year.

With the CAB logo: the conversion is valued from the 2nd year (C2), following the same regulation as the European organic regulation.

Its use is monitored by an independent organism and a pesticide residue analysis on each plot marketed and the CAB logo was developed in consultation with the authorities in charge of organic farming in France (INAO, Ministry) and the DGCCRF.

The work of producers who make the effort to convert their vineyard to organic practises is remunerated at its fair value and the organic wine sector in the Occitanie region can develop itself sustainably!

To know more about our organic wines, please meet us stand 640 hall B3 !


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